Culture Engagement Strategy

Culture Engagement Strategy


We have a three-pronged approach. First, we meet with the HR team in a group or one-to-one basis to gauge how they feel about working for your company. We ask the killer questions around communication, reward and recognition, training and career paths. From this we gain an understanding of any barriers that exist between the HR professional and the company.

Second, we ensure business alignment. We meet with a sample of managers from across the organisation to gather their feedback and views on the HR team from the perspective of communication, capability and culture.

Third, we meet with HR management to understand the context of the organisation and the issues they are facing.

This feedback is then shared with the HR team in a workshop where HR management acknowledges the input from the wider team. HR management identifies commitments - actions which the HR management promises to fulfill, in order to retain their HR team.

We also share the feedback from the business managers, showing perspective around how

close the insights of the HR team and the managers are. 


We understand the importance of tangible outputs.

That’s why following the workshop, we help develop the purpose for the HR team. We also commit to ensuring the team delivers on its aspirational purpose or direction.

The workshop also provides a platform to develop the building blocks of a stellar people strategy for the team and company. Business managers will review the draft strategy, closing the loop on the feedback they have provided.

This strategy will have a quantifiable action plan so that we are prepared for success.


Our approach accelerates the HR function into a more focused and proactive position. It ensures that clear priorities are set to ultimately guarantee that the team delivers in line with the needs of the business.