The first few weeks and months of an executive’s tenure are critical. Getting it right can dramatically accelerate the transformation of a new recruit into a fully functioning business leader. But getting it wrong can be very costly. Research shows that the average cost of a failed executive hire is $2.7 million USD.*

Divinitus Consulting's Onboarding services pick up where the executive search process ends, and help some of the world’s top organizations integrate new executives in a more structured and effective way. Focusing on the early stages of an executive’s tenure, we reduce the time it takes for him or her to start making a meaningful impact, and maximize the leader's personal engagement with the organization and brand. We work with new hires and internal promotions.


A combination of experience and evidence-based expertise.

Our extensive experience in this area, means we know the elements that really count toward early success in an executive role. We also understand what kinds of support and guidance are likely to be most effective.

The benefits of our onboarding services.

We offer three kinds of onboarding services: Executive Onboarding, Transition Coaching, and Team and Diversity Onboarding. All of them provide several key benefits:

  • Accelerate the assimilation of new hires and promoted employees, allowing them to make value-adding contributions sooner
  • Enable new hires to fully integrate into the enterprise culture
  • Protect investment by minimizing the risk of new recruits departing prematurely

Onboarding is not the same as orientation. Consider whether your organization’s internal process achieves the following:

  • Identifies strengths & developmental areas
  • Ensures key competencies for success
  • Brings role clarity
  • Accelerates integration with organizational culture
  • Enhances strategy & leadership
  • Maps key relationships
  • Delivers critical timed feedback from stakeholders
  • Offers counsel on goal identification
  • Provides early warning indicators
  • Offers hazard avoidance